Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scumble by Ingrid Law

Scumble by Ingrid Law is the companion book to Savvy.  In the book, Ledger Kale turns 13 and gets his savvy which runs in his family.  You do not need to read Savvy to understand this book, but in case you haven’t, a savvy is a special power that only Ledger’s family can know about.  Well a few days after his 13th birthday, he goes to his cousin’s wedding.  On the way there, he meets a nosy girl named Sarah Jane who follows Ledger to the wedding.  Will Sarah Jane find out about Ledger’s secret?  I recommend this book for someone who likes adventure, with a little romance.

Reviewed by Zimzims123


  1. It is an awesum book!!! I encourage everyone to read it.


  2. i have not read this befor but you looks liek a realyl good bokk

    by xoloveyou133

  3. cheetahs said ... i have not read this book but it looks really good

  4. i read this was a really good sequel. nine years after mibs' 13th birthday her cousin ledge turns 13 and gets his savvy and he can make technology, well, blow up. but that's not all of his savvy... read it! by buggiegirl101

    1. awsome post i have read savvy and scumble do you know any other books like this ???? (at buggiegirl101 and mrs castro) -hifi25

  5. Wow! Buggiegirl101 what a great post! If I hadn't already read this book, I would want to after reading your description. Nice job!