Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shelter Dogs: Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays by Peg Kehret

The book Shelter Dogs by Peg Kehret is about 8 dogs.  The dogs used to be strays who find really good homes at the end. To me I really like the personalities of these beautiful animals. When these animals are brought into the shelter, they are not in good condition at all.  When dogs get brought into the shelter people who go to the shelter to adopt a dog want animals in good condition.  Dogs that get put up for adoption in bad condition don’t get adopted. But when people go to the shelter to see the dogs in this book, they feel really bad that they are not finding good homes. Since the people feel really bad, they give them a chance with their lives and these people bring them in. What really touches me is that there are really good people and they decide to be good to other people or even the animals that are here in this world. These animals are here for a reason and that reason is to make a difference in this crazy place we call Earth. I hope you enjoy this book very much because I know I did, and remember to read other Peg Kerhet books.

Reviewed by Bubbles 123


  1. i would love to read this book!!!! you did awesome on telling us about it!! i love animals!!!


  2. Bubbles 123, this s an awesome review. I also love how people can now be so nice and sweet to people and to animals! I also love animals too so thank you for makeing a point to set out in the world about being nice to animals!!!!! also you got me wanting to read this book,thanks!!!!

  3. this book was a good book what was your favriot pat in the book? by muffinman

    1. my favorite part of the book was that when the little dog lost his owner because he died and then he attacked the people who were bringing them to the shelter, but when he was there he would attack the other dogs. so then the people decided to put him down... but then the girl that was supposed to put him down asked him''wanna go for a walk?'' and then he wasnt scared and mean anymore, all he wanted wat to go for a walk. ~bubbles123~

  4. I love dogs. Do you now any other books about dogs, like by the same author?


  5. I think you and me are alike I also think the shelters should take better care of the animals.I think your reveiw is awsome I can't wait to read your other reveiws!PLEASE tell me were to get this book do you know?