Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Emily's Fortune by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Emily’s Fortune by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is a book about a girl named Emily who is trying to get to a town called Redbud.  The only reason why she even wants to go to Redbud is because both of her parents died and she doesn’t want to go with her Uncle Victor.  The only time Emily met her uncle, he asked her mom for money and left.  Emily travels with her turtle, Rufus.  Along the way, Emily meets a boy named Jackson, who ends up coming along with Emily on their very exciting journey.  One day, Emily and Jackson were walking along; they came across a piece of paper nailed to the wall. It said that Emily was worth ten million dollars!!!  Read on to find out if Uncle Victor finally catches Emily.  I would recommend this book to readers who like detailed action books. It’s also a RICBA nominee for 2012.  You can find this book in the school library.
Reviewed by Floortile68


  1. i like the review i just did a review by phillis renolds naylor called alice in lace have you read any of the alice books by her?

  2. this book sounds like a good book to read.i might want to read it.

  3. the book sound like a adventure book and i like those. u hooked me.

    1. why thank you master 1283. You seem really nice. It's awesome that you like my book!

  4. Good report! The book sounds great and I want to read it. Have you ever read any other Phyllis Reynolds Naylor books?

  5. i like your review it was very interesting it makes me want to read it. it reminds me about a book ive read before. have you ever read any other books by phyllis renolds naylor if there is any softball36

  6. You did a good job.Now i really want to read it because you made it sound really interesting.What was your favorite part of this book?