Monday, March 19, 2012

Soccer Chick Rules by Dawn FitzGerald

The main characters in the book  are Tess, Bo, Ibby, and Jillian. Tess’s school was going to cancel sports for the semester due to budget cuts.  Tess believes that there is no reason to go to school if there aren’t any sports to look forward to afterward.  So she goes to a levy meeting after school to raise money through door to door canvassing.  There’s just one problem, her arch enemy Jillian is plotting revenge when Tess goes against the law.  Will Tess be able to raise profits and save sports, or will Jillian stand in her way? I recommend this book to my friend iloveya99 and to anyone else who has a love of sports.     

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  1. I love soccer. I even made it to the I love sports!

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