Monday, March 19, 2012

Touch Blue by Cynthia Lord

Touch Blue by Cynthia Lord is about a girl named Tess who lives on an island in Maine called Bethsaida.  Tess and her family find out that Maine is going to shut down the island’s one room school house where Tess’s mom works.  Her family would have to move to the mainland to live.  The only way they can stay on the island is if the population went up.  To increase the population some of the people on the island adopt foster kids. Tess and her family adopt Aaron.  At first Aaron does not like the family and wants to run away to find his mom, but if Aaron does run away then all of the children at the island would have to go to the mainland for school.  This book reminds me of an island I’ve been to and makes me think about what it would be like for me to live on an island.   If you like a book that is realistic fiction then you’d like this book.
By cupcakequeen4ever

Touch Blue by Cynthia Lord is about a family who lives on an island in Maine.  The school on the island needs more students to stay open.  To keep the school open some of the families on the island take in foster children.  One family takes in a teenage boy named Aaron.  Aaron misses his mom, so him and a girl named Tess from the family that adopted Aron, come up with a plan to get Aaron to see his mom.  Read Touch Blue to find out their plan and how it worked out.  I recommend you read Cynthia Lord's Touch Blue.

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