Thursday, January 24, 2013

The River by Gary Paulsen

Well, to make it short, we want you to do it again.”  These were the words spoken by Derek, a survival psychologist, to Brian Robeson.  When Derek says that, he means he wants Brian to go and survive in the woods again.  Anyone who loves survival shows and books should definitely read The River by Gary Paulsen, which is the sequel to Hatchet. The problem occurs when Brian tries to demonstrate his brave survival skills to Derek by going in the woods again.  After about a week of being there, Derek gets struck by lightning and is in a coma.  Also, the radio transmitter got struck!  Brian knows he can’t leave Derek to die so he comes up with a plan to go down the river on a raft to a trading post.  Will they make it to the trading post alive?

Reviewed by gymnast0421

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