Monday, November 25, 2013

The Ghost Comes Calling by Betty Ren Wright

The Ghost Comes Calling written by, Betty Ren Wright. She also written Out of the Dark, another ghost story. This is a spine tingling, scary ghost story that is about a boy named Chad. Chad’s family bought a log cabin in the middle of a dark scary looking forest. Chad’s friend Jeanie tells him the cabin is haunted, and Chad gets a little scared. When Chad gets to the cabin some strange things happen. Weird sounds and events happen. When Chad and Jeanie find the ghost’s truck, even weirder sounds are heard and weirder events happen. I prefer this book over any other ghost story because it is so unique. It is so unique because of all of the events and character traits and the sounds and all of these scenes are well explained, this is an amazing book. If you love ghost stories, then you should check out this book. What will happen to Chad? Who is the ghost? Why is the ghost haunting the cabin? Read the book to find out. It may surprise you.

Reviewed by puppygirl353

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