Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stargazer by Patrick Carman

Stargazer by Patrick Carman is about Alexa, a girl who is on a ship with her father, Warvold, and her uncle, Roland. Also, there is a monster that is out for Alexa, and Alexa has to watch out for Abaddon’s sneaky little attacks all the time. Abaddon wants their treasure. Alexa, her father and her uncle are also trying to get back to the land of Elyon, which is their homeland where they actually live, but they had to go on a trip to try and lose Abaddon but it did not work because he followed them!   
I like this book a lot because it has a lot of adventurous scenes and mysteries.This book reminds me of a series called Magic Tree House. They are alike because Magic Tree House books are a lot like this book, they go on a lot of adventurous missions. I hope you consider reading Stargazer! If you think that this book sounds interesting wait till you actually read it!  

 Reviewed by:emoji girl7         

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