Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation by Fred T. Jane

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation by Studio Editions Ltd.

Compiled and edited by Michael J. H. Taylor

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation will tell you all about different kinds of aircraft and how they work and how much weapons they carry. I learned about many kinds of aircraft. I like airplanes because
my uncle was a pilot and I want to be a pilot. One of my favorite planes is the SU.37 it was a Soviet Russian fighter aircraft. Another aircraft is the F4E. phantom aircraft, it was an American fighter plane that served in the Vietnam War.



  1. airplaneguy- sounds like an interesting book to read! i will for sure check this book out!

    1. you can get it on so search janes encyclopedia of aviation on amazon also this book has more than 800 pages but it is only $2.55 so you should be able to get it and one more thing there is a couple versions of it

  2. airplaneguy i would really like to find this book and can you please tell me where it so i can check the book

  3. airplaneguy This book seems very cool. I have the same question like the other fellows that commented do you know can you check this book out at a library?