Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Masters of Disaster by Gary Paulsen

In the book Masters of Disaster, by Gary Paulsen, Henry Mosley and his pals Riley and Reed decided they need to go on some earth-shaking adventures, which leads them to a haunted house. When they get there they go to the top floor. Henry rides his bicycle down the roof!

I felt like kids can relate to this book in many ways. The kids in the book are always getting in trouble. The book was funny, and it made me laugh.



  1. Hello pizzaguy135, nice job on your blog! Does the main character always do things that can hurt him or that will get in trouble? Because i would definitely would not do that.

  2. i really like ur book blog its interesting you have lots of facts and more.cant wait to read it pizzaguy135...

  3. Pizzaguy135
    I love this Person made great books any other books you have read and like buy gary Paulsen?
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