Friday, January 6, 2017

Riley Mack by Chris Grabenstein

Have you ever got in trouble for helping people? Riley Mack by Chris Grabenstein, is about a fifth grader who helps those who are in need of help. A kid named Jamal gets bullied a lot in school by a sixth grader named Gavin Brown, but Gavin Brown’s father is the sheriff of the town. So when his dad is in the army in Afghanistan, he has to be a man and help others who are in need, alone with his friends, and no adults.

             I like this book because I can relate to it. Grownups do not listen to me at times, they never believe me. I try to help people, but normally succeed.

Reviewed By  _PotLag_


  1. I'm a girl that knows who both of you feel I help but my mom and dad don't belave me do you -moon shine

  2. nice book blog. how did you pick the book you did?

  3. idk. i just read it.

  4. I enjoyed this review. Do you feel like your anything like this Character?


  5. - _PotLag_
    Very Nice review! I like the font Very Good Do you like any other Person in this story?