Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk is a 2017 Newbery honor book and so it was on my must read list. The story is set in Pennsylvania farm country, which is where I grew up. The main character's name is Annabelle and she is 12 year's old. It is 1943 and Annabelle goes to school in a one room school house with her two little brothers. Everything is fine until a girl named Betty moves in with her grandparents and starts at the school with Annabelle. Betty turns out to be a mean, violent bully and Annabelle has to try and protect her brothers and herself from Betty's threats.

This story was very suspenseful. Betty is a scary, violent bully and the author does a great job at pacing the book to heighten the tension. There is another character with whom Annabelle and Betty interact. His name is Toby. He is a war veteran who lives alone in the hills and doesn't really talk much to anyone. Because of the rumors Betty spreads about Toby, when she turns up missing Toby is blamed for her disappearance. Annabelle can't believe Toby would hurt anyone, but she's not sure. She needs more time to figure it all out. You will race through the pages of this book with your heart pounding! I know I did!

Teachers this would be a great read aloud and discussion book.

Mrs. Castro

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