Monday, December 18, 2017

Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

In the book Dog Man by Dav Pilkey, George and Harold are thinking of a new comic to write and they come up with dog man. Dog Man is part human and part dog. He turned into this because he was hunting a criminal with his human friend and the criminal set down dynamite and blew them up. The doctors said the only way he would survive is if they put the dog’s head on the human’s body. Dog Man fights crime with his super sense and he also has super strength.

I thought this book was funny and fun to read. It is a graphic novel. The pictures are meant to look like a 9 year old drew them, because George and Harold are 9 and 8. And did you know that Dav Pilkey wrote the Captain Underpants books?

Review by Ath1eticbeast15

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  1. I really like your book report! I have actually read one of these books before too. Have you read any of the other books?