Thursday, December 7, 2017

Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy

 In Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy, an ex-Navy SEAL, John Clark is on the squad, called Team Rainbow. Team Rainbow is a counter-terrorist fighting unit. The squad goes through a lot to end terrorism and keep the world at peace. They may struggle sometimes but there is a lot of action and thrilling parts.
    I read this book because I own a video game on the Xbox One called Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas and Rainbow Six Siege. The video games are sort of based on the book and are very popular. Me and my friends play this a lot so I thought I would read the book. My connection to the book is also the video game series because I love the games and I enjoyed the book too!

Reviewed by Harnessed Potato


  1. I play this video game a lot and the book must be amazing. The game is great and I can play it all day. I want to read this book.

  2. I really like the game its i like war books and i think ill read the book