Monday, December 11, 2017

School’s Out by Johanna Hurwitz

The book School’s Out by Johanna Hurwitz is about how to take care of your siblings and care for them and help them. During summer vacation a kid named Lucas and his babysitter named Geniveive have to watch Lucas’s brothers named Marius and Marcus. One time both Marius and Marcus stepped in a container of paint and when they got out of the paint, the paint got all over the grass in the lawn. Afterwards the brother’s got inside and Lucas gave them a bath. One time Marius climbed under the seats at the movie and Lucas and Genevieve had to find Marius. Lucas had to climb under the seats and one time Lucas grabbed a random person's leg.    

I think this book is realistic because I have to take care of my siblings too. I also play games like football with my brothers. In the morning I help my brother get breakfast. I also help my brother put his jacket, gloves, and hat on in the morning.

Review by $XXQJBXX$


  1. Good job on your review. I have two siblings, one older, one younger. I am right in the middle and didn't have to babysit them. But I did babysit a lot of my younger cousins when I was a kid. What was your favorite part of this book?

    Mrs. Castro

  2. I really liked your review. I liked how you showed lots of details. I have two siblings to. But I never had to baby sit them. Why did you pick this book to review?


  3. That book seems really good! I would love to read that book so when my parents ask me to baby-sit I will know what to do.