Monday, December 4, 2017

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

In Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Isabella Swan is known as Bella has a normal life. Her parents are divorced, she lives with her mom and she just does what normal people do. Bella moved in with her dad and went to her new school. There, she meets Edward, who she finds out is really a vampire. When she finds out, she is scared but then she decides that he's not that scary. She falls in love with him. When she goes to play baseball with his family danger rolled in and Bella must leave and fast. Victoria is another vampire who eats humans. She decides that Bella is a target. James is Victoria’s mate. He tries to kill Bella. Will he succeed?

I feel that the book is very weird and a little mature for my age, but I think overall the book was really good. I hope that all my friends enjoy it like I did. One thing though, you won’t find this book in an elementary school library.

Review by MysteryUnknown

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