Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dork Diaries; tales from a not-so happily ever after

Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After by: Rachel Renee Russell is the eighth book in the Dork Diaries series. This book is about a girl named Nikki who has an injury and when she wakes up, she's in a magical fairy tale world! She finds that all her friends have turned into fairy tale characters, including herself. Nikki and her friends go through a long journey to get out of the fairy tale world. But a witch is angry with Nikki for a reason I don’t want to spoil. Nikki goes to a castle to find out how to go back to her world. At the castle she finds her mega crush, Brandon. Read this book to find out what happens next.

I love the Dork Diaries series, but this book is my favorite. I think it would be kind of cool to become a character from a fairy tale. I also love how the author put all of the cool fairy tales into one book! The end is my favorite part because this book is like a fairy tale with all fairy tales inside so at the end, HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Reviewed by CraftyCoffee

Fantasy books are THE BEST!!!  Dork Diaries; tales from a not-so happily ever after by Rachel Renee Russell, is a book of fantasy fairy-tales that Nicki Maxwell goes through.  But, with their own twists! She passed out during gym, and now, she is in a world of fantasy. There are these fairy tale characters combined from all different stories, but why do they look like Nicki's friends?  Find out in Dork Diaries, Tales from a Not-So-Happily ever after.

This book reminds me of a book series, (That I absolutely LOVE). The name of the series is called Pegasus. It's a fantasy book about Roman and Greek myths. The fantasy part is that a girl named Emily actually MEETS Pegasus.  There is also all different places they visit, like Earth and Olympus! Both the books are very interesting to read. I feel they both have lots of details, so I can imagine lots of things. Even though Pegasus has no pictures, and Dork Diaries has many pictures, I think they are both super fun to read!

Review by Puppy_Girl_101


  1. CraftyCoffee, Your book review was really interesting! I think I want to read that book-right now! Your description of the book was super interesting.

  2. Puppy_Girl_101-This is great book review! Pegasus is a pretty good book I read two chapters of a friends book. Is this your favorite book?

    1. Yes, Pegasus is my favorite book. c:

  3. craftycofee , you added just the right amount of detail to your responce. i've read some of the dork diaries and i have always wanted to read this book. Is this your favorite of all the dork diaries?