Friday, December 28, 2018

Paper Chains by Elaine Vickers

 Do you like heartwarming books? If so Paper Chains is the book for you! Paper Chains by Elaine Vickers is about these two middle school girls Kate and Ana. Kate has to keep her secret that she's adopted and also has issues with her heart.  She has to keep these secret because she thinks it will ruin their friendship, also she thinks it might even ruin their family. On the other hand,  Ana’s father has left their family and there’s suspicion that he is not coming back. In this story their actions create more problems because of their secrets. This books appeals to me because of how different the characters are. Will the girls tell each other their secrets? Or will they find out from somebody else?

      Personally, this is one of my favorite books . Paper chains isn’t just like any other book. The author, Elaine Vickers makes and adds and builds this book so that it is organized magnificently.  The characters are so different,  but still they manage to become friends. This book reminded me of one of my best friends. This book talks about the hardships that friends can face, also what they can overcome. Just remember, friends and family are worth fighting for.  How will  Kate and Ana  resolve their problems?

Review by Potato_Girl


  1. I love the name Potato_Girl :p

  2. I love the details in the review.I really like heartwarming books. Do you like the book enough to do another report on it?

  3. Love the name! This book sounds great! If you didn't read the book what would you think would happen if one of them told them their secret?


  4. thank you also I would love to do a report to the same book or even any other of Elaine vickers boook