Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Big Nate Game On! by Lincoln Pierce

I really like the book Big Nate Game On! by Lincoln Pierce, because it’s a graphic novel series and the character is funny. Big Nate Game On is all about sports, but it's not necessarily in order. For instance there was one event where a boy named Arthur is very lucky and Nate doesn't like him. He became first chair in chess instead of Nate. He even became a couple with Nate’s crush.

Nate plays basketball, baseball, and soccer. In baseball, Nate’s team has an embarrassing name. He plays left field, but he always says that there is no action in left field. In soccer, Nate plays as goalie, but when he makes a save he always gets hits in the face and gets hurt. In basketball, Nate always needs his lucky socks in his warm ups and games or else he he will lose. He likes to roast the other players.  Read the book and I think you‘ll agree it's funny.