Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

The Graveyard Book was the Newbery Winner of 2009.  I thought maybe some of you had not read it yet, and needed to hear a little bit about it first.  The main character's name is Nobody Owens.  Because his parents are murdered when he is just a toddler, he ends up being raised by ghosts and lives in a graveyard.  This is a book full of magic and adventure.  Bod, as his friends call him, lives under the constant danger of being found by the evil man who had killed his parents.  If you want to find out if Bod can escape danger and live a normal life, you're going to have to read the book.  Let me know when you do.  I'd love to hear what you think about it.  Mrs. C.

The Graveyard Book is by Neil Gaiman.  If you like spooky, a little bit creepy books, then you’re going to love the book called The Graveyard Book. The Graveyard Book is a one of a kind story told by Bod Owens, short for Nobody Owens.  Bod, ever since he was a kid, lived in a graveyard.  A man named Jack has been trying to find him and is trying to kill him.  Now Bod has never been out of the Graveyard and is thinking about trying to leave.  Will Bod try to leave or won’t he.  Find out by reading this book.  I like this book because it has lots of voice and character.  I like this book also because it’s adventurous.  If you love spooky and adventurous books then you’re sure going to love this book.  I hope you enjoy it like I did.  


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