Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Stacey’s Mistake By Ann M. Martin

The Baby-Sitters Club Stacey’s Mistake By Ann M. Martin is a great book. This is a book about a girl named Stacey Mcgill who lives in New York City. She used to live in Stoneybrook Connecticut, which is where her friends live, Kristy, Mary Ann, Claudia, and Dawn. She misses her friends very much, so she invites them to New York City. That was a big mistake because Mary Ann is being really annoying. Kristy can’t keep her mouth shut. Claudia hates Stacey's friends and Dawn is afraid of the big city. Stacy wishes she didn’t invite them.


I like this book because it’s interesting. In this series, there are 94 books. I think this is the best series that you should read. I can’t decide which is my favorite part in the book though.   

Review by - Madds


Death on Naboo by Jude Watson

Death on Naboo by Jude Watson is from The Last Of The Jedi, Star Wars series. It is about some Jedis attacking the villain named Malorum. Will Ferus Olin and his friends be able to defeat Malourum? What will the emperor do?

Overall the book is really good and I think you should read it. I really like this series. The book has cool characters and Jude Watson did a good job with it. I love Star Wars and if you do too, read this book. Also this book is the 4th book in the Star Wars: Last of the Jedi series.

Review by Cpt.Rex


Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

In the book Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, Nora Grey's life is far from perfect. Nora had an attempt on her life yet survived which wasn’t a pleasant thing to go through. She had gained a guardian angel, but sadly her guardian angel was far from angelic, matter of fact quite devil-ish. The guardian angel named Patch had been given a second chance with life, while still not being human or being able to be seen. I personally believe that this book is good for most ages above 9-10 while it all depends on your mental age and how well you can take 18+ themes or themes of violence. Other than that, it’s truly an amazing book. 

I can relate with the character Nora Grey, as I believe she would be a great friend who wouldn’t talk about someone behind their back unless given a good reason, which I believe is outstanding friend material. This book would be the romance and horror category of books, although it rarely states anything truly in the horror category, even though there is gore and topics of such. Some parts of the book remind me of a few of the goosebumps series.

Review by Em0RaInB0w


The One And Only Bob by Katharine Applegate

I like The One And Only Bob by Katharine Applegate because it shows me that different animals can like animals that are not the same species as them. It can also means that animals can talk to species they have never met before. 

In the story Bob, Ivan, and Ruby all like talking to each other with the different sounds they make. Ivan is a gorilla, Bob is a chihuahua, and Ruby is an elephant! They love going on adventures with each other and going through good times and bad times. It can get so hard that they lose each other sometimes.

Review by Abigail


Friday, May 6, 2022

Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Happy Birthday by Rachel Renee Russell

Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Happy Birthday by Rachel Renee Russell. This book is about these 3 girls, Zoey, Chloe and Nikki. Nikki  is the main character. Nikki is going to have a luau party but there is a problem. The party is going to be canceled because her mom is ruining her party and she is very stressed. Later in the story Chloe has the invitations she made for the party and while she is gone the invitations are gone. 

My favorite character is Nikki's little sister Brianna. She is very funny and adorable and I love how she tries to make things for her sister. I can relate to this story because once I had a birthday party. 

Review by Isabella


Kristy’s Great Idea by Raina Telgemeier

Kristy’s Great Idea by Raina Telgemeier is a graphic novel based on the novel by Ann M. Martin, and part of The Baby-sitters Club series. The character in the book that is my favorite is Kristy. My favorite scene is when Kristy wants to start a babysitters club. Kristy has some friends, their names are Claudia, Mary, and Stacey . The plot of the book is the story starts in the beginning of 7th grade and at Claudia's house. The B.S.C. (or Baby Sitter Club) meetings  are in Claudia's room. 

The reason I like this book is because there's a lot of friendship and babysitting. There is a show on Netflix with two seasons called The Baby - sitters club. The show is as good as the books. I think you should read the book, then watch the show. 

Review By: Dance Queen!!

Dog man Fetch-22 by Dav Pilkey

Dog man Fetch-22 by Dav Pilkey is a really fun book! There are a lot of plot twists! Like when an evil fish named Flippy was being mean, but then it turned into  a story that was made after one of the many other Dog Man books came out. It's also clever that at the beginning of the book the author  Dav Pilkey told us the real authors were two little kids named George and Harold. The main character is a dog/man which is why he is called dog man. There is a reason why he is half dog and half man. The story is in the front of every book.

            I really liked this book when I was younger. I would say it's from a 2-3rd grade level book. The best part about it is that it's easy to read. All the Dog Man books are easy to read because they are graphic novels. I also like that every once and awhile there are jokes, and they are not corny, they are really good sometimes. The book reminds me of my auntie’s dog because all the men had connections to the dog, but none of the girls did.

Review By:   Kitty Cat   =^-^=

Amulet 8: Supernova by Kazu Kibuishi

This is a book review about Amulet 8: Supernova by Kazu Kibuishi. This book is from a series of 9 books but right now there are 8. The ninth, and the final book in the Amulet series has not came out yet. Google says book 9 will come out October 25, 2022. The main character is Emily. She is the strongest character in the Amulet series. She is powerful because of an amulet she found in book 1. If you have not read book 1 yet, this is how she got the amulet. In The beginning, Emily’s dad died in a car crash. Then she moved into her great grandpas houes and found the amulet.

This book kind of reminds me of Ukraine and Russia because they're in a war and in the Amulet book series there's also a war going on. If you like action-packed fiction themed graphic novels with magical powers and wars, this is the book for you.


Review by Dude-J.D

The Guardian of the Realm by Elisabetta Dami

The Guardian of the Realm by Elisabetta Dami writing under the pseudonym Geronimo Stilton is full of adventure, action, and comedy. There are many surprising moments, and unexpected twists and turns. There are many characters, animals, and other fantastical creatures. One of the surprising moments is when a HUGE sea snake comes from the water and the main character is terrified! Will he find a friend?


The events of The Guardian of the Realm reminded me of the first book in the series. I want to do exactly what they did in this book, like go to new places, explore, and much more. This is the 11th book in the series Of the Kingdom of Fantasy. For me, the title of the book expanded my imagination and beliefs. 

Review by Let’s go Celtics

The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier

   The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier is about Jack Sullivan is a 13-year-old kid that is going through a monster apocalypse. Jack thinks he’s the last of his kind and everyone becomes zombies. Jack tries to save the world, but his first move is to save his friends by thinking he is in a hero movie. 

      My favorite character is Jack because he loves movies and soda just like I do! My favorite scene in the book is when Jack has to sneak by Blarg to get a super small screwdriver to fix his walkie-talkie to talk to Quint. In the book there are people and middle-schools briefly in the book, but if it was real it would have it for a longer time. 

Review by: