Monday, June 20, 2011

Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm

Turtle in Paradise is one of the 2011 Newbery honor winners.  The author also wrote two other books that received Newbery honors, Our Only May Amelia and Penny from Heaven.  The setting for the book is Key West in Florida during the depression.  Turtle's mom is a housekeeper and when she gets a job with a woman who doesn't like children, she chooses to send her daughter Turtle to stay with her sister, Turtle's aunt. 

I think I liked this book because of Turtle's character.  She's a tough little girl, who lives in a tough world.  But true to her name, she has a soft inside.  This is really a book about family; cousins, aunts and uncles, grandmothers, mothers and fathers.  Turtle has to deal with all of them, and all of the complications that stem from family relationships.  Read this book and I guarantee you'll find yourself cheering for Turtle.

If you would like to listen to a short excerpt from this book, click on the link for my podcast Podcast of Turtle in Paradise  hosted at Podomatic.

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  1. i read this book over thanksgiving week and i couldent stop reading it. there are soooo many surprises that youll have to read to find favorit charater is beans because he is the trouble maker and he likes to get in trouble in school and at home. PLUS hes funny so it makes the story even this book if you like books that is sad at one point and exciting at another or in other words emotional.