Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

The main characters in the story of Hoot by Carl Hiaasen are Roy Eberhardt a boy from Montana, the sassy Beatrice, and the running boy. Roy is a new kid in town. Dana the bully gave Roy the nickname "cowgirl". Roy is kind of shy he has no friends except for a kid named Garret. On his first day of school Roy spots a boy. The boy was running. Roy tries to catch him the next week. He finds out that the running boy is trying to save some owls where a pancake house is going to be built at Coconut Cove. Roy, Beatrice, and the running boy team up to save the owls. It is a great adventure full of friendship and action. Do you think they will save the owls in time?

This post was written by Ecto1


  1. sound like a good book.ihave seen the movie but i bet the book will be better.yes i think they will save the owls.


  2. I read this myself.You know already,you saw me reading it.Anyway,it was kind of boring at first but after Roy met up with the running boy(I am so glad they don't call him that all the way through the book)it got more intresting.I love when Roy just speaks out during the meeting of...well,i'm afraid to give the ending away.What is your rating on Hoot from 1-10? -purpleneko18

  3. Purpleneko I think that Hoot is a 10 it is really good