Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

Walk Two Moons is my favorite book by Sharon Creech. If you like sad but humorous fiction stories, this is the right book for you. This book is about a girl named Salamanca, otherwise known as Sal. She is going on a road trip with her grandparents Hiddle to Lewiston, Idaho, to see Sal’s mother, Chanhassen, who is resting in Idaho after leaving her home in Bybanks, Kentucky. On the way to Idaho, Sal tells her grandparents the story of Phoebe (FEE-be) Winterbottom, Sal’s peculiar best friend, whose mother also ran away from home. Salamanca, of course, is my favorite character in Walk Two Moons. I love Salamanca because she is easygoing and unique. I hate the fact that her life is getting worse and worse, but I am glad that she meets a couple friends, like Phoebe Winterbottom, Mary Lou Finney, and Ben Finney. Every story has a setting. When Sal is traveling with her grandparents from Ohio to Idaho, the setting is obviously across the United States. You will notice they stop at tourist spots along the way. Why on Earth would they waste their time in the Badlands and Black Hills? Well, as Sal points out, her mother had been in those places. The grandparents had decided to follow Chanhassen.

This is a fiction story about family life. The message in this book is this: Even if you lose a loved one, they are not gone. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sad and humorous stories. Sharon Creech is a great author. Also read Heartbeat, Love That Dog, and the prequel to Walk Two Moons, Absolutely Normal Chaos.

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  1. I think your summary rocks!!!!! It is so realistic. I hate in stories when peoples lives get worse but its good if they make new friends. Is this your favorite book by Sharon Creech? by Ecto1

  2. Excellent example of a great comment. Includes a compliment, a connection and gets the conversation started with a question. I'll be sharing this one in class! And now, aren't we all interested in how PurpleNeko18 replies? Way to go Ecto1!

  3. Yes it is my favorite book by Sharon Creech.Did you read this yet?I hope you will because this book is awesome. :D If you want you can read Absolutely Normal Chaos first,because it takes place before Walk Two moons.