Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Heroes of 9/11 by Allan Zullo

In Heroes of 9/11 by Allan Zullo, Captain Jay Jonas and Officer David Lim are heroes from 9/11.  When the towers fell they were both inside and they heard it falling, but they still wanted to stay inside to save people.  More than 3000 people died that day and many were injured.  Some people were okay but others didn't make it.  Officer David Lim and his dog Sirius were in the tower when it fell.  When the tower fell, Officer David Lim’s dog died instantly.  This reminded me of when my sister’s house burned down; firemen came to put the fire out. I would recommend this book for people who like sad and scary books or nonfiction.  You'll need to check this one out from the public library.
Reviewed by Kittens5


  1. i like your review what made this book most enternaining for you softball36

  2. It sounds like a good book. It was veryy sad. I was just born and my mom was watching the news and then that came on. my mom called my dad and they were both crying. Even today when my mom tells me that story she crys. She was so scared. Have you ever read the book I Survived The Attacks of 9/11? its really sad but an amazing book.

    1. Great connection! Next time, don't forget to sign your user name, so Kittens5 knows who they are responding to.

  3. Hi, I love you. I read this book, and it was great. It really showed me how brave the people in the World Trade Center actually were. This book really inspired me and i will honor all the people who died on 9/11. If you honor all the heroes who died on 9/11, tell me how you do it and what it means to you.


  4. hay i read that book last year in lit circle group