Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kenny and the Dragon by Tony Diterlizzi

Kenny and the Dragon by Tony Diterlizzi was a really great book.  You might know TONY DITERLIZZI by “Spiderwick” because he helped make that book with Holly Black.  Well back to my book, lets see, this book is really good because Kenny(the bunny) lives on a farm and one day his dad smells smoke, so he goes to check it out and he finds out there was a Dragon living in a cave (his name is Grahame).  The dad runs home and yells, “WE NEED TO MOVE NOW!!!!!!!!!”  And his wife says, “Honey calm down, now tell me what happened.” So while Kenny’s dad is saying what happened, Kenny goes to check it out.  He finds out that Grahame is really nice.  Grahame tells Kenny how he came to the world of animals.  One day there was an earthquake and he fell in a HUGE crack in the ground.  He lived on lava rocks until he NEEDED to get out, so he dug and dug till he came to a cave, A.K.A Kenny’s farm. Read to find out what happens next.  
Reviewed by gibby22


  1. I like the way you rote this.I want to read it.Whats your favrite part?


  2. gibby22, i have never read thid book before ,but from this review now i want to read it. THX..... Oh and did you really enjoy the book? I only finish books if i really enjoy it, so let me know.!!!!!
    jdrewbiebs :)

    1. ya it was good and i dont have a favorite part srry gibby22