Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Savvy by Ingrid Law

Savvy by Ingrid Law is an exciting, suspenseful, and fantastic book.  The setting is Hebron, in the middle of Nebraska and Kansas.  It’s a book about a magical power you obtain when you are thirteen, right on your birthday.  A girl named Mibs, her real name is Mississippi, has a birthday in a couple of days, so she will get her Savvy.  But her father got in a car accident and he is not awakening.  What will happen next?  Will her father survive the collision? I recommend this book for grades 4th through 6th .  This book can be found in your school library.

Reviewed by CChipcookies1   


  1. I realy liked this book review.I now want to read this book


  2. wwwoooooowwww nice review have you read scumble???? -hifi25

  3. Great review. I think Savvy would make a really good movie. I hope to hear that they are making it into one. I could picture so many parts of this book as if they were scenes in a movie. Did you picture the storms in your head?

    Mrs. Castro

  4. I love you review and I think it would make a good movie too! What was your favorite part? I read it too and i don't even have one! There all so good!