Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Umbrella Summer by Lisa Graff

Umbrella Summer by Lisa Graff is a heart-warming book about a little girl who is over-protected because her brother died from getting hit with a hockey puck.  The story takes place in the summer.  Annie, the little girl, goes on many adventures.  An old lady, who moves in across the street shares many stories with her.  The author’s message is to always “close your umbrella”.  If you read the book, you will find out what “close your umbrella” means.  I would recommend this book to whoever likes a sad book but something with a little humor.  I have had someone die in my family and I remember them by keeping some of their stuff.  If you experienced death in your family, don’t let it go to your heart!  Always believe they are there!  This is one of my favorite realistic fiction books.  I hope to find more books in my school library from Lisa Graff!!        
Reviewed by -hkrocks7

Umbrella Summer is a fantastic story.  This story is about a girl named Annie and her best friend Rebecca.  Annie worries about everything from bicycle riding, to diseases and bug bites.  But one thing changed Annie’s whole life, her brother.  Annie’s brother Jared plays hockey.  He was hit in the chest with a hockey puck, and the doctor said that he would just have chest pains but he wouldl be fine. But everything was not fine, because Jared died.  Everyone keeps telling Annie not to worry so much, including her new neighbor across the street, whose house Rebecca thinks is haunted.  It turns out that the lady named, Petunia, is very nice.  I recommend this book because it is a book that you can just keep on reading forever, and it is very funny and in some parts, sad.

By: BellaGrace29


  1. Hkrocks7 and BellaGrace29 you both did a good job with your review on this book. It is one that I've read out loud to several classes last year. You're right in suggesting it's both funny and sad at the same time. I think the author did a really good job of making the characters seem real. Who was your favorite character?

    Mrs. C.

    1. my favorite character was annie because she was very exciting and unpredictable.(:

  2. sound great i have it on hold


  3. i like this book so far very good but the main character is a little parinoid


  4. This book sounds very good i'm on the edge of my seat just reading this summery! Did you finish reading the book? - bowties305

  5. That sounds like a great book. Did you enjoy it?