Sunday, April 1, 2012

Guinea Pigs by Mark Evans

Guinea Pigs is a book by Mark Evans which tells how to care for a guinea pig.  Guinea Pigs like their cages to be clean and they also LOVE to have fresh hay, pellets, and WATER.  There are a couple of different guinea pig breeds; some are Abyssinian, American, Agouti, Texel, Wavy Rexes, Shaggy Shelties, Silky Satins, Peruvians, and Crowning Crests.  Like all rodents guinea pigs’ teeth never stop growing, so you need to make sure your guinea pigs’ teeth aren’t too long or else your guinea pig will be unable to eat.   So make sure your guinea pig has hay, wood, apple or willow branches, or chewable tunnels.   This will make your guinea pig happy and healthy.  Also, I have 2 guinea pigs they are both baby guinea pigs and are both 1 year-old.  One is an Abyssinian named B, and the other one is an American Guinea Pig named DJ.   Hope You Enjoyed!  Question, do you like guinea pigs?
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  1. I love how you wrote about my favorite type of animal! I have two at my moms house.Do you want one now?