Sunday, April 1, 2012

Robot by Roger Bridgman

Have you ever wondered about the amazing world of Robots?  I know I have.  Robots can do amazing human-like hobbies such as chess, art, and even music!  Roger Bridgman’s popular book Robot walks you through this world to find your robot buddy.  Robots take lots of scientific knowledge to create on one’s own.  And no, Robots probably will not destroy their creators!  Even though your buddy might be hard to create, the gift that comes along holds an outstanding future!  For many Scientists, robots that are genetically generated to fit human skills are known as “True Robots”.  Can you name some Non True Robot Machines?  Wish I could give you a hint, but you’ll need to read to find out what’s the difference between True Robots and non true, where the word “robot” came from, how to build a robot, when robots were first discovered, and MUCH MORE.  I recommend this book to people of every age who love Skill, Knowledge, and Classic Science.  Read Robot by Roger Bridgman!

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