Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Warriors by Erin Hunter

The series Warriors, by Erin Hunter, is recommended for children 4th through 6th.  The story of The New Prophecy takes place in a forest. The forest is divided into four Clans; water, wind, thunder, and darkness.  All has been peaceful between the Clan cats for many moons, but the peace will soon be a memory.  Four cats, one from each Clan, receive a message from Star Clan telling them the forest will soon crumble, along with the Clans, unless they reach the sun-drown place.  They set out on a journey. Will the cats be able to save their Clans, or will all be lost? This series contains six books, along with three other series, each containing six books.  I enjoy this series because it gives you a perspective a cat would have.  This series is not found in your school library.
Reviewed by WinterRose13

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  1. I love this series, I have read them all except The Last Hope because that one's not out yet. I've been reading Warriors for almost two years now. It's very intresting to know how cats thinnk of humans, cars, etc. I'd like to point out now(SPOILER ALERT)that the part about the sun-drown-place takes place in the second season of Warriors(The New Prophecy). How many of these have you read?