Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bella at Midnight by Diane Stanley

Bella at Midnight was written by Diane Stanley.  Bella's mother dies during her birth and her father, who is a knight, can not bear to even look at her.  Her aunt takes her to a loving blacksmith's family to be raised by them.  Thinking she is the daughter of a peasant, Bella is happy through her childhood and even becomes best friends with Prince Julian.  All of that changes on the day she is sent for by her cruel father to return to her rightful place as the daughter of a knight.  What will her new family be like?  Will she be happy, or will she miss Julian and the family who has raised her?  What dangers will she face to help the people she loves?
I have always loved stories set in the times of kings and queens.  Adventure, magic, romance and danger combine to make this a great story.  You will cheer Bella on as a strong female character, who fights against the path her life has taken.  Once you read this book, it should remind you of another famous story.  Do you know which one?

Reviewed by Mrs. Castro

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