Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beaten by Susanne Weyn

Beaten is written by Susanne Weyn.  It is an easy read but you will not find it in your elementary school library.  The main characters are Paige and Ty.  Paige starts dating her crush, Ty.   She cheers him up about losing a football game.  He gets so mad that he hits her and she falls to the ground.  Then Paige lies to her mother about how she got hurt.  Unfortunately, Ty hits her again after another losing game, but this time it’s worse.  Read the book to find out what Paige decides to do.  It’s a great story.

Susanne Weyn describes the events that happen in the story so well that I feel like I am there seeing it.  I have heard of stories similar to this story from my grandmother because she worked at the "Women’s Center”.  The “Women’s Center” is where women go when they have been abused.  I hope you check this great story out of the public library.  It’s a really good book for older readers.

Reviewed by ipj_buggie


  1. i am really interested in your review and i think i might want to read it. where did you find it?

  2. beaten seems like a good book where did u get it