Thursday, January 24, 2013

The End of the Beginning by Avi

The End of the Beginning by Avi is an amazing book.  It is about Avon the snail, and Edward, an ant. Avon wants to go on an adventure.  Before he leaves, he meets Edward.  Then he ends up going on his adventure with Edward.  If you like adventure stories, this book is for you.  This is one reason I fell in love with it!  On his travels he helps insects and such.  But this is just the end of the beginning.  Will they manage to find their way home?    

Reviewed by soccer16

Have you ever read a book called The End of The Beginning? If you want to read a book that has adventure, a fantasy, or is exciting, you should read this book.  It’s about a small snail named Avon and an even smaller ant named Edward.  The story's setting is in the woods with Avon and Edward where they see all sorts of small, large, and big creatures.  I would recommend this book and any books by Avi

Reviewed by onedirection101

Do you like books about adventures? If you do, the book The End of the Beginning is a book for you! This book is an exciting tale by Avi, the author, about a snail, Avon, who reads books about people who go on great adventures, but it is sad because he wants to go on adventures too.  Then on one day he decides to go on an adventure, but right before he got to walk out the door, he finds an ant, Edward. Edward and Avon become great friends and go on an exciting adventure.  I can relate to this book because, I’ve always wanted to go adventures like the ones in this book.  Do they succeed?  Do they get to the end of their adventure?  

Reviewed by Sosassy311

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