Saturday, February 2, 2013

Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs

Belly Up is more of young adult book, so I wouldn’t expect to find it in your elementary school library. But either way, the author Stuart Gibbs has written an amazingly interesting book.  Belly up is about Teddy Fizroy, a boy who lived in Africa.  Teddy has moved to Texas so his parents can be zookeepers at FunJungle, America’s newest theme park.  But when FunJungle mascot Henry the hippo goes belly up, suspicion rises.  Who did it?  Strange things have start to happen.  You won’t believe who did it. Belly Up is a very interesting book and exciting.  To me this is book is very different than anything I’ve ever read before.  I bet if you asked Teddy what the book's message is, he would say have many adventures.  I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good mystery book.       

Reviewed by smoshyturtle118