Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The PS Brothers by Maribeth Boelts

The PS Brothers by Maribeth Boelts will make a great classroom read aloud.  Basically it's about two boys, Shawn and Russ, who want a dog to protect them from all the bullies in school that pick on them because of the clothes they wear, and the fact that their families don't have much money.  Russ lives in a pop-up camper behind his Uncle's house, because his father is in jail.  Their lives are hard, but the friendship between the two boys is heartwarming.  The boys come up with a scheme to raise money to buy a puppy, and yes, it involves poop!  They also make a frightening discovery about the guy who is selling them the puppy.  With so much stacked against these two young heros, can they beat the odds and win out in the end?  Read the book and find out!

Reviewed by Mrs. Castro

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