Monday, May 26, 2014

Doll Bones by Holly Black

Doll Bones by Holly Black is one of the 2014 Newbery Honor books and a wonderfully creepy ghost story.  I loved this book.  I'm a big fan of ghost stories and this is a well told tale with plenty of adventure and suspense. The book is about three friends, Poppy, Alice and Zach.  The three enjoy playing an imaginative storytelling game together, but Zach's father feels that Zach is too old for this now that he is in middle school and tries to put an end to his play.  In their imaginative game, a china doll in Poppy's mother's cabinet plays the role of a sinister queen.  The creepy looking doll becomes the center of the story when Poppy dreams that the doll is possessed by a young girl and needs to be buried so that the ghost can rest.  Until it is buried, Poppy warns that the ghost will haunt the three friends.  Is there truth to Poppy's assertions, or is Poppy just trying to get Zach to play the game again?  Zach doesn't know what to believe until...  Yeah, you know, read it and find out.

Reviewed by Mrs. Castro

The book “Doll Bones” by Holly Black is a really awesome book.  There are three friends who like to play with action figures, and there is a bone china doll in a cabinet which they pretend is a glass tower when they are playing.  Then one night Poppy has a dream of the doll before it was a china doll.  Read the book to find out their epic journey.      

I really like the book “Doll Bones”.  I can relate to it because, I like to have adventures like Poppy, Zach, and Alice.  Also, the doll was really creepy but when other people read the book they might think it’s creepy and scary but I like slightly scary books.  

Review by IS


  1. Hi IS. I like your review. You gave a very good description about your book. I have read and watched a couple scary movies and like the books too. Is there a a series in that book and if so are you going to read them ?

    1. Yes. I am definitely going to read the series because the first 1 I read was so awesome I want to read more about it.