Monday, December 8, 2014

Bad Island by Doug TenNapel

The book Bad Island by Doug TenNapel, is so cool because it has the funniest characters.  Their names are Reese, Lyle, Janie, Mom, and Dad.  I think you would like the characters because they’re funny and weird.   They also help each other.  I liked when Reese and Dad saw a giant rock creature that was quick and had a high jump.  The book Bad Island is set on a mysterious island.  The author’s message for this book is to be careful what you do and work together.  Bad Island is exciting and very interesting because of all the weird creatures.  Another reason you should read Bad Island, is because it is a great graphic novel.  What do you think happens next?  Also what do you think the villains look like?

Reviewed by Frog Leg 752               

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