Monday, December 8, 2014

Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes by Louis Sachar is a book about teamwork that you can't stop reading. It’s about a boy who goes to a prison camp. Stanley, the main character is forced to dig holes from early in the morning to the hottest part of the day, even though he swears he is innocent of the crime they charged him with. It's hard for him to fit in since he is fatter than the others, so he works slower and has to work very hard to keep up. He grows tougher over time, loses weight, and gets faster and he’s able to do things that he wouldn’t have when he first got to camp.
I really like this book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a book about trying your best to complete your goals. My favorite thing about the book is how Stanley works very hard to keep up with the others and he ends up accomplishing goals that he didn’t even know were possible for him. This book reminds me a lot of people who have difficulties doing certain things or completing their goals. But if you try really hard you will complete anything you want. So why don't you read Holes I bet you’ll really like it.

Reviewed by cheer101

Holes, by Louis Sachar is a wonderful book!  It’s about a little boy named Stanley Yelnats.  Stanley’s family has bad luck. One day Stanley does something bad and he gets sent to camp.  It’s not an ordinary camp though.  They dig holes that are 5 foot by 5 foot deep.   At camp he tries to run away with his new friend that he met at camp.  The Warden does not like him and his friends are there too! At camp there was a car crash involved and more funny things.  It might be funny now but when the Warden comes around and finds out you will be praying for Stanley and his friends.  There are chapters where you want to cry, laugh, or even be scared for Stanley and his friends.  Over all this is a great book.  Read to find out what chapters are sad, scary, or funny.  I dare you not to laugh, or be frightened.

Reviewed by Gymnastics101

"There is no lake at Camp Green Lake".  Holes by Louis Sachar is an action and adventure story.  Stanley is a boy who is accused of stealing a pair of shoes.  He is sentenced for 18 months in camp green lake.  While there, he learns some very big secrets, like who framed him.  Once I was blamed for something I didn't do.  Has that ever happened to you?  I think this is a must read!

Reviewed by LIKE A BOSSSS!

If you like a book with action, adventure, and mystery then grab Louis Sachar’s, Holes. This book is all about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who got framed for something he didn’t do.  He was sentenced to a year in the hot sun in Texas at Camp Green Lake, but there’s no lake!  The kids are forced to dig a hole each day,  5 feet deep and wide.  The counselors say that they’re digging to become better men, but that’s not really the case.  The warden is looking for something but what?  Will Stanley uncover the secret of Camp Green Lake?  Read Louis Sachar’s, Holes to find out the rest.

Reviewed by Epzfinest94


  1. hey, i loved this book, my old teacher read this to my class and we watched the movie. you did an awesome job on your writing

    1. I have read that book with the class and watched the movie too.

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  2. I like your review . I can really connect with your connection . Like a Boss!!

  3. I have read this book before,and i love it!I think your description fits it perfectly have you had any relations to this story?