Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Even Funnier by James Patterson

I Even Funnier by James Patterson is about the Funniest kid in New York (Jamie Grimm) who is trying to become the funniest kid in the world. But Jamie will face some huge problems in his way, like his Uncle will have a heart attack. Do you think Jamie will become the world’s funniest kid comic?
I loved this book because it was a funny exciting book. But I was a little mad because it left me on a cliffhanger. Still, I do recommend this book.

The Phenomenal One  

I am reviewing the book I Even Funnier by James Patterson.  I think it is a funny book.  My favorite character is Jamie because he has funny catch phrases.  There are problems with a bully who won’t stop bothering Jamie. You’re going to have to read the book to find out more.  I recommend this book because it will make you laugh.  Maybe you will read it, or maybe you already have.  That’s my review.

Reviewed by sdc12                                                                                          


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  1. I really need a good laugh and this book seems like I could get one from it. Seems like you really enjoyed this book and I think I would too. Good job!