Thursday, December 11, 2014

Listen!, by Stephanie S. Tolan

“What you hear depends on how you listen,” is the message or theme in the story Listen!, by Stephanie S. Tolan.  In this story 12 year old Charley Morgan sees a wild dog in the woods during her walk and automatically feels a connection to it.  Charley decides to take on the task of taming the wild dog, which she names Coyote.  One part of the Taming, which is what Charley calls her task of taming Coyote over the summer, is taking long walks around Eagle Lake, where Charley lives.  On these long walks, not only is Charley getting closer to Coyote, but Charley finds ways to connect with her mother who died years ago in a plane crash.  Charley connects to her mother by just listening to nature and everything around her.  I liked this book because I enjoyed reading how Charley’s character kind of changed a little throughout the story, leading her to become a strong and determined character.  So read to find out how Charley does it and follow her on her journey through Eagle Lake.

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