Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Middle School: Get Me Out Of Here by James Patterson

Do you like realistic fiction books?  Then you should read Middle School: Get Me Out Of Here by James Patterson.   It is a good book.  Rafe, is the main character in the story and I like him because he is cool.  In the beginning, Rafe and his family were in Hills Village and all of a sudden Swifty’s  Diner burns down.   Rafe, his Mom and Georgia move to their grandma’s house.  Then Rafe gets in trouble when he goes to art school.  He and this kid named Matty pulled a prank on a student and he got kicked out of Art school. Will Rafe get back into art school?  Will they give him a second chance?  Find out in Middle School: Get Me Out of Here.  Read it; it’s a good book.

Reviewed by #mr.awesome234


  1. Love your write up on this book. It makes me want to read it and get the answers to your question. Good job, Mr. Awesome 123

    1. Thanks, I hope you read it. - #mr.awesome234