Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Searching for Sky by Jillian Cantor

If you like adventure books, this book might be for you.  Searching for Sky by Jillian Cantor is very adventurous in its own kind of way.  Sky and River have both been on an island that they call “Ocean” ever since they were two years old.  Sky and River were taken to California by two men on a sailboat.  When they got to California they had no clue what a “normal” life was.  When they had lived on the island they had to do everything on their own.  This book relates to some real-life situations.  It relates to them because when Sky and River come to California, she gets very frustrated with herself because she doesn't know how to do basic things.  Just like some people that you know might not know how to do basic things. Hope you enjoy the book. What will happen next??

Reviewed by BostonStrong26


  1. Dear, BostonStrong26
    I love your review the book looks and sounds amazing
    I remember going to the Warwick public library I saw it but I had not gotten it
    so does sky get kidnapped and then brought to California? Allso what does she get mad about
    from,I love m&m's

  2. Hi BostonStrong26!!!! You did a great job on your review!!! Maybe I'll read it one day. Do you think you could survive on your own like Sky and River?


  3. I wish I could tell you I love m&m`s, so i guess you will have to read it to find out.

  4. BostonStrong26,
    You made me want to read the book! :D
    How hard do you think this book is?
    And who do you like more Sky or River?

  5. Hi BostonStrong26!!!!!!!!!! I really like your review!!!!!!! I read a lot of books like that!!!!!!!! Your review makes me want to read the book. Where can u get the book?


  6. Bostonstrong26, I love your review!!!! I saw this book in a book order and I almost got it. Did you enjoy this book?

  7. nice book is it good? if so i will try to read it