Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Little Princess by Frances Hodgeson Burnett

The Little Princess by Frances Hodgeson Burnett is not a book for little kids like you would expect.  It is a wonderful, yet sad story about a rich young girl named Sara Crewe.  Sara’s father had to go to India because of his work, but the air was not healthy for kids to breath.  Sara’s father ends up enrolling 7-year old Sara in Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Young Girls, a boarding school in America.  Miss Minchin only favors Sara because of her father’s money, but what happens when Sara’s wealth disappears?  What will greedy Miss Minchin do to Sara?  Read about Sara Crewe and her mission to stay optimistic when she is forced to work as a maid, and is forbidden to talk to the other girls.  Later, Sara becomes good friends with Becky, the other maid who lives in the attic with Sara.  She teaches Becky how to pretend and tells her lots of wonderful and creative stories.   I have a very difficult challenge for you.   I challenge you to go read this classic book, and try not to cry.   I doubt you will be able to resist crying while you read this amazing story!   I hope you decide to accept my challenge.

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  1. I am a cryer. I Wouldn't take your challenge even if it was my most happy day. I cryed at the movie "Cars" Yes, CARS! I know I would cry