Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Mystery of the Griefer’s Mark by Winter Morgan

Do you like mystery books? Then you will love the Mystery of the Griefer’s Mark by Winter Morgan. The main characters in the story are Steve, Adam, Henry, Max, Lucy, and Kyra. Their friend Henry was sucked down the hole of a griefer.  The griefer was actually feeding Henry in a cage, so Steve, Adam, Max, Kyra and Lucy all go to the nether to go find Henry.  The griefer is stealing Steve’s sheep, Adam’s potion’s, Steve’s house, and Kyra’s house.  When they were all away the house was blown up and the potion’s were kept in a chest.  Will Steve find out who the griefer is or will the griefer “live On Forever”?  Read the book to find out who the griefer is, or even if they will find him.

Reviewed by football121


  1. Sounds good!

  2. i love minecraft,so i might like this book.
    atlas runner 927

  3. nice! i'll try to buy that book.

    - theboredtimeseditor21 / Skiddo Guy

  4. omg i love the report and minecraft. i'll read it soon.

    -Pit bull 471