Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bird and Squirrel on the Run! by James Burks

If you like humorous, graphic novels then you will love Bird and Squirrel on the Run! by James Burks. The main characters are Bird, Squirrel, and Cat.  I’ll tell you one main event.  Squirrel loses all of his food while trying to save Bird.  The story takes place in a forest at noontime in fall. The author’s purpose is to tell the message, Don’t leave you’re friends; you don’t know what is around the corner. Did you know that Bird and Squirrel is like Bone?  If you like Bone then you will love Bird and Squirrel. After reading Bird and Squirrel, recommend it to a friend.       

Reviewed by Pit bull 471

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  1. The book Bird and Squirrel is a great book

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