Monday, April 20, 2015

El Deafo by Cece Bell

El Deafo by Cece Bell is about a girl named Cece who became deaf. She was always lonely at school. Cece also had to wear hearing aids that make her feel different. I think you should read this book, it's very inspiring.

El Deafo reminds me of my friends deaf cat .It reminds me of Buddy because he's just like Cece. He's just like Cece because he's deaf. I feel very bad for Buddy and Cece. This is why I like the book, El Deafo.

By #Unstoppable  Princess

El Deafo by Cece Bell is a graphic novel and a Newbery Honor book.  I am highly recommending this book to teachers and students.  It is a great book to help us celebrate our differences.  The author is an author/illustrator and this is her life story, so it is in the Biography section of the library.  I have included a link to a youtube video by the author promoting her book and telling a little about herself.

As a young child Cece gets sick, and as a result of that illness, loses her hearing.  She has to wear large hearing aids and hates how they look and how they make her feel different.  El Deafo is a character that Cece creates in her imagination to help her deal with frustrating situations she faces because of her hearing problems.  It is hard for Cece to make friends and she is lonely much of the time.  Read El Deafo and learn how Cece manages to get along in school and turn her difference into a super power. El Deafo is a 2016 RICBA nominee.

Reviewed by Mrs. Castro

El Deafo by Cece Bell is about a girl named Cece Bell. She is just a regular girl with a very creative imagination until her world is turned upside down. She is deaf and she must wear an FM and she has some funny moments with it, like when she heard her teacher going to the bathroom.  She calls herself El Deafo a superhero and she fights crime, but only in her mind. Will she make it through the sixth grade? Read it to find out.
I thought the book was really cool and I really liked it. I think you should read it too. It is a really nice book. This book is so much like my life. I am hard of hearing and I wear an FM like her, but mine is more advanced. So, for example, mine is small and hard to see but her’s is a big box on her chest and it was made in the 1970’s.  Except  for the part where mine just recently broke, they are fixing it now but luckily I got a replacement. If you read this book you would understand but if you have not then you should read it NOW! It is a super duper great book and Have Fun Reading!

Reviewed by Doggie G


  1. Doggie G

    I really enjoyed your review. I liked how personal you made it. How much did you like the book? Have you read any other books by the author? Were you born with a hearing problem? What was your favorite part of the book? Sorry, there are so many questions, but we did this as a class.

    Mrs.F's Class

  2. Mrs.F's class
    i am glad you guys enjoyed my review. i really liked the book i liked how much it was like my life. No i have not read a book made by that author but i hope i will find one.I was born deaf in my left ear and hearing in my right ear my mom was born deaf and my father was sick and he was born deaf.My favorite part about this book was when Cece was finally able to speak to her crush it was funny. I love how you guys did it as a class and i don't mind the questions. Have any of you guys read the book? If you have that would be awesome!
    Doggie G

  3. Doggie G
    Great book report.I really liked it.Is your FM brand new from this year?

    1. anonymous
      thanks i liked it too! no i had the FM lastyear too. have you read the book yet?
      Doggie G

  4. I really enjoyed your book review! I read it last week. Is it your favorite book?

  5. #Unstoppable Princess
    Great job! This is one of my favorite books as well!

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  7. i really like your information. i might want to read El Defo