Monday, November 23, 2015

Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Smart Miss Know-It-All by Rachel Renee Russell

Dork Diaries, tales from a not-so-smart miss know it all by Rachel Renee Russell is a book about a girl named Nikki. She was being bullied by a girl named Mackenzie. A while later they all had to visit different schools for a week to see what it was like. Nikki went to this school and there was a girl named Taffy. At the time, Taffy was very nice and annoying and loved to take selfies. Later Nikki saw her frenemy Mackenzie. Mackenzie had two annoying people who Nikki called bullies. Nikki's annoying, pretending-to-be-nice-friend Taffy, became a really big bully. Nikki wished she was with her two friends and her crush, but instead she got seperated into a different school. Will Nikki become friends with her frenemy? Will she ever find out why Mackenzie is a bully? Will Nikki get back at Taffy? I like Dork Diaries. I read them all the time. I chose Dork Diaries because they are easy to read, interesting, and also funny. These books also show and tell you why not to bully and what the consequences are. Reviewed by scarykitty1478 

Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Smart Miss Know-It-All is by Rachel Renee Russell. If you're a girl who likes to read about middle school, or reading diaries, or even writing a diary, then Dork Diaries would be a good book for you to read. There's a girl named Nikki Maxwell, she writes a diary about what’s been happening in her life through middle school and her horrible experiences with MacKenzie Hollister and her friends. Nikki has two best friends named Chloe and Zoe who help her through these experiences with Brandon (her crush) and MacKenzie. When Nikki wants to sign up for a part in writing the school newspaper with Brandon, a few things hold her back, including MacKenzie. If you want to find out what the problems were and how she dealt with them you're going to have to read and find out!

I personally liked this book because when I read the first book I had no idea what it was going to be about. I kept on reading to the end of Dork Diaries and I liked these books, because the books that I’ve read so far have been all happy endings. Also the author describes the place and what happened to Nikki so well it feels like you're actually there with her. If you read, or like Diary of A Wimpy Kid books, the Dork Diaries books are very similar.I really liked this book and I suggest you also read it if you're interested in these types of books!

Reviewed by Cupcakes and donuts


  1. Your book review was excellent by the way. I have never read this book before but I have read the first one. What is your favorite part and on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate this book.


  2. Cupcakes and Donuts I think that this book sounds interesting and I might read it too you did a good job were did you find the book because it sounds interesting

  3. I like your subscription about dork diaries it sounds funny by ssgss Goku

  4. cupcakes and donuts I really want to read this book! where did you get it?