Monday, December 14, 2015

Big Nate and Friends by Lincoln Peirce is a great book full of humor and adventure. If you like comics, then this is the book for you. Nate is a boy in middle school and is on a wild adventure with his friends, Teddy and Francis. Nate wants to sell wall hangings but Arthur is selling more.  Nate has a huge ego, and thinks everything is about him. Nate is also supposedly the leader of his small group of friends. He hates school and the social studies teacher, Mrs Godfrey. Teddy is like Nate a bit, he also doesn't like school, but then again who does? He doesn’t have a huge ego like Nate though. Francis is very smart and likes to go to school and get good grades, unlike Teddy and Nate. So if you're looking for a funny book to read that has comics then this is the book for you and I suggest you read this.

I thought the book was funny and had its moments. My favorite part was when Nate went to a school meeting and he was a reporter for the school paper. He fell asleep so someone else saw him and wrote in the paper “Reporter from p.s 38 falls asleep during meeting” and I thought that was funny. You should definitely read the book.

Reviewed by goldenXnaruto



  1. I've never read Big Nate but good description. I enjoyed reading this passage


  2. Great Blog! I really like this book! Have you read the whole series? If you have, what would you rate the series?


    1. thank you. I have read all the books and i would rate it a 8 out of 10

    2. You should read the series its good.