Friday, December 18, 2015

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Fish in a Tree is written by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. Fish in a Tree is about a girl named Ally with dyslexia. She has trouble learning in school and gets picked on because of it. A girl named Shay in her class bullies Ally. Then a new teacher comes to class and everything changes for Ally.

One thing we liked about the book was the close friendship that develops between Ally and her new friends. We also like how Ally learns to be strong. In the book Wonder, which we also read as a class, August was also bullied because of his disability. They both had to overcome their fear and stand up to the bully.

Reviewed by the Pesola’s Peaches. (You’ll have to ask us for the story on this later!)


  1. I love the review it's really good. I love the book and it shows you it only matters whats on the inside.
    -Cweamy Cweam

    1. Thank Cweam Cweam!!!!
      - Cweamy Cweamy

  2. Mrs. Pesola's Peaches
    I really liked this book. I had read this book and it was very good. What was your favorite part.

    Marshmallow4ever Plumb4ever

  3. we are reading it in class so far amazing

  4. Mrs. Pesola's Peaches,I think you picked a good book. It reminds me of a television show when a adult does not know how to read. What age group would this book be for and what would you rate it as.
    From MoneyMan

  5. Mrs. Pesola's Peaches i really like this book so far. We are reading it as a class read aloud. What age group do you think this would be?
    From Durantula

  6. We are reading it in class. So far it is amazing. What did you like the most.

  7. This book was a really good book. I have read this book before.! When did you start reading these books?

  8. One time I read that book and so far it is amazing. Ive read it a little far have you read the the book?

    horse lover130